ByAvery Edison

Avery Edison is a comedian from London, England. Her humor writing has been featured on McSweeney's, Slacktory, and the Bygone Bureau. She makes jokes on Twitter for you every single day.

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    I powered through my copy of ADAM in one sitting, a testament to both Ariel Schrag's enthralling writing and the emotional resonance of the story. ADAM is about a guy named, well, Adam. He's in high school, his sister is in college, and during the summer he goes to visit her in New York. She's queer, and her friends are all queer.

  2. To my elementary school teachers: I'm sorry for crying all the time. I cried so much that, in second year, my school report read that I "burst into tears at the first sign of trouble". It's because I was going through childhood totally confused, of course, but it can't have been fun for you to deal with as educators.

    I'm also sorry that when our school portraits were delivered, I scrawled