ByChristina Tesoro

Christina Tesoro lives and writes in NYC, in an apartment with too many animals or just enough. She tweets, sparsely, @storyqday.

  1. This is what is harder to say: I changed my mind the moment before. My body changed my mind for me; after the four glasses of wine, and the groping in the cab, and the finally, finally pounding with my heart, my body hesitated. But still, I did not say no. Or stop. Or wait. Or maybe we’d better not. He said, “You’re such a tease,” which, all things considered, seemed like a fair assessment.

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    If Archie Panjabi were your girlfriend, you’d have remarkably similar ways of doing the laundry. “Oh, do you stuff everything into the cheapest machine, too, then?” she’d ask, laughing. You’d agree that it is absolutely the worst chore ever, and that includes cleaning the toilet, but the idea of someone else touching your

  3. ONE

    I think sometimes of all the bad things that could happen to me. Does anybody else do this? All the ways I could be hurt, the exact level and amount I could suffer, and survive.

    It started, I think, in elementary school, while watching West Side Story with my parents. That scene where the Jets taunt Anita. Her shirt is fuchsia and her hair is short and her