ByE.M. Freeburg

E.M. Freeburg is a non-profit gofer with great taste in jackets and terrible taste in sports teams. Dream Jeopardy! categories include Bats, Filthy Etymology, and Flannel.

  1. 1. Who the fuck is Trevor? 2. What is Trevor’s last name and current address? 3. Did you know your buddy Trevor has a gun and mugs people on Tuesday nights? 4. How experienced is Trevor as a mugger? Given his professional, no-nonsense demeanor and efficiency on Tuesday night, I would have assumed he was an old hand at this. But the fact that he was apparently using my old phone for personal business immediately…

  2. Greetings, loved ones. My first foray into Femslash Friday was so much fun that I had to come back for more. Today, we’ll be covering a film more central to my babyqueer awakening than any other piece of media (besides the music video for Beyoncé’s “Naughty Girl”). That’s right, friends: we’re talking about Bend It Like Beckham.

  3. Watching Game of Thrones is an interesting undertaking if you're a woman who likes women. One the one hand: hey, a fantasy series with lots of distinct female characters who are, on the whole, about as developed as you’re likely to get in a mainstream franchise set in a world that draws a significant amount of inspiration from ye olde chattel days. On the other hand: seven hells, does a lot of woman-hating happen on…