ByElena Palmer

Elena writes about hockey, reads about people who are bad at feelings, and yells about nearly everything. She can also be found at @imperfectelena on Twitter.

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    To count how many emails from professors I got during my years in undergrad, I would have to go back to my old email and do some fairly sophisticated filtering. I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'll just estimate that about three times per quarter - over the course of nine or so quarters taking primarily computer science classes - I

  2. Welcome to XZV Morning News. I'm your host, Kathy Carson. Our top story today involves a fire on Clark Street - the first fire in the area since Elena's father died. The fire decimated three buildings. Local residents say that the bar, Roadhouse 66, will be sorely missed. When asked for a comment, Elena said that she could remember fires in Chicago before her father died, and that she would discuss them with