1. Hi, Tamelonie! Can you tell me a little bit about your religious background growing up, as well as an overview of what atheism/agnosticism means to you now?

    I am a Black woman who grew up attending African American Southern Baptist and Church of Christ congregations. Atheism is usually judged and assigned as a lack of faith which I view as being very narrow.

  2. In Cole Lavalais’ debut novel Summer of the Cicadas, Viola “Vi” Moon hopes to leave her experience at a mental health facility behind when she enrolls in a small black college in the south, but the stability she hoped she’d gain fractures more quickly than she anticipated. Vi thinks the best way to regain her sanity is to begin a relationship with Perry, the only son of a black, Southern elite family. When

  3. In her new book, Sex with Shakespeare: Here's Much to Do with Pain, but More with Love, Jillian Keenan uses Shakespeare's plays as a vehicle to tell the story of how she came to understand her own sexuality.

  4. Amy Mihyang Ginther is a professor at UC Santa Cruz. She is founder and owner of Vocal Context, where she runs workshops that empower women and people of color in their communication skills. She has contributed to Transracial Eyes and Modern Loss. Amy does not live with her two cats and wants to know if you're gonna eat that.

  5. "As a society, it’s time we woke up from our collective illusion that autism is a puzzle that’s going to be solved by a medical breakthrough that’s perpetually just around the corner. Autistic people have been here for millennia, but it’s only in the last few years that we’ve been able to see them clearly. Now we have the opportunity to focus our resources on giving them what they need."

  6. Josh: I would describe my comedy less as "nice" and more as "friendly." I try to make work that people in the audience aren’t gonna be bummed out hearing.

  7. "Hey, Mallory, have you been A LITTLE phoning it in this last week, occasionally just posting links to interviews you have done while in New Zealand?" Honestly yes! I should probably have taken a week off to go do that conference, but I didn't, and this is the absolute best I can do for right now.

  8. "Sorry, I need to put you on hold – or not hold, I need to put the phone down for a second because it's a hotel phone and they have cords. There's no milk in my tea. I have to go get some milk, I'll be right back, please don't worry."

  9. Hi, Emily! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself before we get started?

    I grew up Catholic in the Philippines. Loved reading the Bible (mostly for the Old Testament stories though. My favorite book was probably Tobias, but I couldn't tell you why) and I really wanted to be an altar girl until I got in trouble and my mom told me I couldn't do it anymore, which made me sad.

  10. I grew up in Utah County, Utah, where the population is 75% Mormon. My family was staunchly LDS and I was a good, card-carrying LDS girl until I was 22, and then I formally left the church (submitted a letter in writing to have my name removed from the records, although I am certain they just moved my name to a black folder in a filing cabinet that's on fire).