ByEman Quotah

Eman Quotah is a government contractor by day and a fiction writer by night. Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Pindeldyboz, Gargoyle, and Amazing Graces: Yet Another Collection of Fiction by Washington Area Women (Paycock Press) and is forthcoming in Ms. Aligned: Women Writing About Men. She lives in Rockville, Maryland, with her husband and their two former preemies, who are now 7 and 3.

  1. In the hospital, they give me what one of the nurses calls “flu in a bag.” The description fits. Magnesium sulfate, or mag, truly makes me feel awful. I’m seasick, and I can’t eat solid food, and my hospital room has no window, and my baby might be in danger. They give me the mag to stop my 14-week-early contractions, which it does, but they can’t keep me on it for more than a couple…