ByEmma Smith-Stevens

Emma Smith-Stevens lives and writes in Gainesville, Florida.

  1. Previously by this author: 7 Essential Modernist Literary Life Hacks. A metaphor is a word or phrase in a foreign language that poets choose to include simply because they are pretentious. The title of William Wordsworth’s poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” provides an example of delusion. When reviewing literature related to your essay topic, you should avoid sources that come from a country with which the United States has recently engaged…

  2. Virginia Woolf

    Instead of relying on complicated mathematical formulae to calculate gratuity (typically 15-20% of the bill), tip the waitress with the plaited wreaths of hair by sliding a shilling under the edge of your plate, so that she may not find it till you are gone, and her scorn, as she picks it up with laughter, may not strike on you till you are past the swing-doors.