ByL.C. Bernadine

L.C. Bernadine is a Chicago playwright and lyricist who works frequently with composer Erik Olsen. Her plays include BORDERLANDS, recently produced by Underscore Theatre, and EVERYBODY'S A CRITIC, a new musical about the perils of judging and being judged. She recently completed a middle-grade novel (for which she is seeking representation) called Bella Vista.

  1. 1. I really love musicals -- Phantom is about my favorite play ever! -- and I can't think of anything I'd rather do more than see a brand-new, original musical. But I've been so distracted with my cousin's bridesmaids all staying at my house. There are eleven of them, and they haven't even changed out of their dresses, and it's been three days since my cousin's wedding. As soon as they leave, I'll be able to focus. 2. How…