ByLaura Passin and John Larson

Laura Passin is a writer, professor, and feminist at large. She holds a PhD from Northwestern and an MFA from the University of Oregon. Her writing has recently appeared in Prairie Schooner, Bellevue Literary Review, Adrienne: A Poetry Journal of Queer Women, The Archipelago, and Best New Poets 2013. She has been known to tweet. John Larson tries not to get in the way. John Larson tries not to get in the way.

  1. Previously in this very odd series of imaginary albums: The Hold Steady and The Decembrists

    "I'm Not Calling You a Liar Because I Genuinely Trust You Implicitly"

    "Kiss With a Hug"

    "Girl with Two Eyes"

    "My Boy Builds Wardrobes (and Assorted End Tables)"

    "I'm Going Out (Gonna Drink One Glass of Water for Every Alcoholic Beverage)"