ByLeigha Ariana

Leigha Ariana is stubbornly chipping away at her thesis in women’s history, and sometimes writes television meta on Tumblr.

  1. Imagine with me, for a moment, the setting: The year is 1969. The Canadian Prime Minister is about to have an affair with Barbra Streisand; hair is long and flowing and is also a musical; and, one day in May, contraception, abortion, and homosexuality are all legalized at the exact same time. (Surprise! ‘Summer of 69’ actually could be about the year.)

    The journey to get this point, where folks could

  2. I recently discovered the joys and frustrations involved in digging through old archives – frustrations, for example, like too many files, indecipherable handwriting, and constant sneezing; joys like reading the stories of everyday people from decades past, days upon days spent reading in solitude, and -- most importantly -- accidentally discovering old-timey mysteries.

    I've left the archives now and returned to my pedestrian life as a grad student, but the story of Mrs. Beattie…