By Luiza Sauma

Luiza Sauma was born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in London. She has an MA in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths, where she won the Pat Kavanagh Award. She is currently finishing a novel, Bethlehem, which is set in London, Rio and the Amazon. Her writing has been published in the Independent, the Independent on Sunday, the Guardian, Litro, the Fiction Desk and others.

  1. Most of the prostitutas were French: pale, painted girls who could speak fifty words of Portuguese between them. One of them was a native: an índia who couldn’t have been older than seventeen or taller than five feet. Everyone called her ‘Índia’, just like everyone called the fat girl ‘Gordinha’ and the most beautiful one ‘Bonita’. In turn, most of the girls called Felipe Cabral ‘Doutor’, because he had been to medical school, though he…