ByMeryl Williams

Meryl Williams is a Chicago journalist who recently moved to Portland to write a book about roller derby. You can sign up for her awesome TinyLetter here.

  1. “I Used to Be Anxious About Flying But Now I Take Xanax When I Travel”

    “I’m Glad We Communicate So Effectively Because I Think It Has Really Strengthened This Relationship”

    “Here’s A Narrative About Three Seemingly Unconnected Characters Who Feel Sad For A Bit But Then Decide To Go Have A Picnic In The Park Together”

  2. If Jenny Lewis were your girlfriend, one day you’d come home to find her painting a giant rainbow on your living room wall and you wouldn’t even be mad. “It’s beautiful,” you would say, setting down the gluten-free pizza you brought home. “No, you are,” she would reply, stroking your cheek with a wet paintbrush.

    If Jenny Lewis were your girlfriend, your bangs would never need to be trimmed.

    If Jenny Lewis were your girlfriend,