ByMolly Labell

Molly Labell is a Boston based writer who likes to stay hydrated and sunblocked.

  1. Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, but he perpetually and publicly air-wanked over the city, denouncing it and its literati. As thanks, Boston has so far only commemorated his birth by placing a small plaque on the side of a Boloco, the regional burrito chain whose downtown franchise sits two blocks north of Poe’s now-demolished childhood home. Boloco’s guacamole is very good; there are—I’m pretty sure—no dismembered bodies buried under the floorboards. The

  2. September 1st

    Start work tomorrow! E-mailed Olivia yesterday just to make sure everything was set. Hi Olivia! Hope your weekend is going good! Looking forward to joining the P & A team. Just wanted to confirm that my start date is tomorrow—I imagine you want me in by 9? And it’s business casual, right? Thanks!! No, 8. -O That sounds like she’s mad, right? Ugh, she hates me already. I don’t know what to wear…