ByRen Jender

Ren Jender is a staff writer for Bitch Flicks. Her previous work for The Toast can be found here.

  1. Sometimes we don't know what we need from movies until one of them gives it to us.

  2. "Wait until I make you one of my delicious kale smoothies," someone wrote on the Google doc our group of volunteers had filled out so we could take turns delivering food to an acquaintance in the hospital. Of course a person having a major health crisis lying in a sickbed is the perfect candidate for a kale smoothie: too weak to swat the proffered drink away, perhaps dehydrated and desperate enough to try to take…

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    If I put together all the times I've seen Her drunk, those scenes would make a very boring after-school special. She's never lost a job because of drinking, never set a fire, never sobbed in humiliation, begging for forgiveness for some terrible, terrible thing She did when She was drunk. But alcohol has been a big part of Her life for as…