BySarah Miller

Sarah Miller is the author of the novels Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn and The Other Girl. She has written for many publications and lives in Nevada City, CA.

  1. I'm sorry I forgot to meet any poor people--
    I'm sorry I forgot to pay attention
    To the bad kind of masculinity
    That doesn't result in wealth.
    Please join me as I experience self-abasement and other intriguing feelings.
    Watch as conservatism’s ugliest turn yet makes me rethink my column.

  2. I can get a little giddy reflecting on all the times I have taken the opportunity
    To explain things with history.
    But today I must soberly discuss how unfortunate
    It is that Trump’s popularity brings to the fore just how many men present
    Their misogyny in a way reflects how grossly uneducated
    They are.

  3. Sarah Miller's previous work for The Toast, including other sestinas by David Brooks, can be found here. Before I talk about you, Ta-Nehisi Coates, I want to say how interesting it is to be white, and what a kick I get out of receiving actual cash money to reflect upon the lives of people. And, although I enjoy my written meditations on all Americans, there’s something extra special about the African-American experience. Your whole…

  4. Sarah Miller's previous work for The Toast, for which she has been paid by Nikki in a timely fashion, can be found here.



    Hi Evan,

    I did two stories in January (to refresh your memory one was an analysis of Beyoncé’s last 100 photographed outfits, “100 Times Beyoncé was Perfect,” each with its own

  5. David Brooks' previous sestina about the road to character can be found here. I think we will all agree that bad relationships cause poverty. Also, not acting like someone in the Jane Jacobs book, and not having a “code.” It is certainly not caused by rich people owning almost every single thing including money that others might potentially need.

  6. Sarah Miller's previous work for The Toast can be found here. So everyone was talking about character and I thought I really should write a book about it soon so I called up my agent and I said “Do you think this is a good idea?” and he said “David, I like all of your ideas, plus, you really understand America.” So I looked out my window at America and I thought about character…

  7. Sarah Miller's previous work for The Toast can be found here. I see someone every once in a while that I would say qualifies as a therapist. I actually call her my guidance counselor because I started seeing her to help me shed stubborn layers of immaturity. About a month ago my guidance counselor told me that I was naïve. She said that I give people credit for being a lot more conscious and…

  8. Most of the produce I mentioned above is still available. I asked someone when the citrus went away and she said: “Oh, around the time the apricots come. May, I guess.” - March 18th, 2015


    I took an Uber from the Oakland airport when I arrived since I’d been told that’s how the locals did it. I was a little unsettled – my editor had agreed to let me