BySarra Scherb

Sarra Scherb is a gallerist, curator and arts writer in Seattle. If you walk into her gallery she promises not to ask you how you feel about Jeff Koons, or pierce you with the stiletto that she is not wearing.

  1. Each year I asked, and each year was answered with not-quite-answers.

  2. I am an art gallerist. A gallerina, if I'm being flip. A person-behind-the-big-imposing-desk, if I'm being snide. I've worked in a handful of art galleries in Seattle over the last few years, and it's work I deeply enjoy: creative, challenging, and different every day. Art galleries offer knowledgeable staff, help nurture artists, provide a stage for lively cultural discussion, and are a great way to get to know the character of a city. In that…