ByVanessa Vitiello Urquhart

Vanessa Vitiello Urquhart is a freelance writer who draws the webcomic Tiny Butch Adventures. She writes fiction when she can and nonfiction when she must, and presently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee because fate can be cruel, sometimes.

  1. The corn is being sown by metal teeth and pigs and sheep are being fed by automated hands and cows are being suckled on by vacuum tubes connected to their teats.  A truck is driving past a window, and it shakes, and so does Vera.  It makes more sense to shake when everything is shaking.  Vera mumbles curses.  Hannah bangs her head.  Vincent is kicking air and crying for his mommy.  The cows and

  2. Why is there not yet such a thing as a lesbian icon? I'm not just talking about lesbians who have become famous — spare me your Melissa Etheridges, your Tracy Chapmans. Nor do I consider any of the zillion indie female vocalists who are beloved within the lesbian community to be candidates for iconic status—we all went through our Ani DiFranco phases, and the less said on that score the better. No, I'm talking about…