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  1. Name: Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, bickering but affectionate siblings d’un certain age Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada, past Barry’s Pond (or the Lake of Shining Waters) and down the Avenue (or the White Way of Delight) Size: Appropriate and sensible Years lived in: Since their youth, which was spent nursing their dying father rather than courting When Matthew and Marilla decided to adopt a little orphan boy from the asylum in Nova Scotia, they had…

  2. Lorelai Gilmore (Phil Gordon) "Philippa was a lively personage, infamous for her indecision, and loved wherever she went due to her extreme beauty, mirth and comicality." Sounds about right. Rory Gilmore (Anne of Green Gables) A weakness for reading and braids and hypersensitivity. Paris Gellar (Gilbert Blythe) I should not have to remind you that Paris and Rory are canon.

  3. MATTHEW: Well now, I don't mean to seem uncharitable-like, but you see as how Marilla and me was expecting a boy. ANNE: yeah well i expected to have an alabaster brow and raven tresses down to my tits by the time i turned fifteen but we don't always get what we want, do we old man   [MARILLA's neighbor RACHEL LYNDE comes to call] RACHEL: Well, Marilla I can't say I think she looks like…

  4. Previously: Anne of Green Gables. She's a little older now, and responsible for teaching a classroom of small children, but it hasn't helped much.


    "It was full of little children and laughter and songs; and now it is empty, and nothing ever wanders through it but the wind. How lonely and sorrowful it must feel! Perhaps they all come back on moonlit nights...the ghosts of the little children of

  5. "Do you think amethysts can be the souls of good violets?"


    "Will you swear to be my friend for ever and ever?"


  6. Previously: Mellie and Olivia on Scandal. How does one even begin to write about Anne and Diana? Anne of Green Gables (the book and the film) is a sacred text for a certain type of bookish woman. There are rituals and invocations; there are chants to recite (Carrots, bosom friends, puffed sleeves; carrots, bosom friends, puffed sleeves); there is the Holy Land of Prince Edward Island. "Femslash" is the first Google auto-fill after searching…