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  1. Architecture is more than the sum of its visual features or appraisal value -- it can be a permanent marker of a place’s values, history, and thought processes. Whether or not we always like what it says or how it's presented, saving and preserving some of it is crucial to understanding who we are and where we live.

  2. This post was brought to you on behalf of Nicole Tuttle for her birthday from Rich and Felix. "Where do you get your ideas for buildings?" "Oh, I could never do what you do -- you know, get up in the morning and go to my job and do my job there." "Sometimes I feel like I have a building in me." "What's your favorite building to re-look at?" "Oh, I'd love to design an office…

  3. Would you like to read an excellently sullen interview with a man who has designed a building that gets too hot and sets little bits of London on fire every day? You would? Excellent. Let us jump right in. The architect of the Walkie Talkie building in London has admitted that he predicted it might reflect hot sun rays to the street below but "didn't realise it was going to be…