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  1. When I win this fucking award, I won't even know what award they're talking about at first. "No, I'm serious," I'll say. "What award?" Because I haven't even been following the nomination process, not because I think I'm too good for it, but honestly just because this kind of thing doesn't even register with me, like I don't even notice when people win awards. I mean, if it makes them happy, that's great, I just…

  2. Hello and please LET ME FINISH before you try to make a “point.” It is with great honor that I accept this Award. Many of you know me as BobInDenver but my real name is Bob and I am a pharmacist in Denver. I behold multiple advanced degrees and have been Published, etc. in renowned magazines and NEWS-papers (I do not cover heat waves or celebrity sagas, I cover NEWS). Those of you in the…

  3. Welcome!

    Congratulations on your acceptance into the prestigious ranks of the Fotherington-Vanderbilt Weiss Literary Arts Award Selection Committee!

    We have prepared the following guidelines to aid you in your selection of a Fotherington-Vanderbilt Weiss Literary Arts Award shortlist. Please read them closely and follow them throughout your selection process.

    Residency Requirement

    We believe that, as New York City is the world capital of the literary arts community, a strong Fotherington-Vanderbilt