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  1. Mmmmmm. A towering stack of Buttered goodness to ease you into the weekend. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll shake your head in wonder as you dig in to the deliciousness. We recommend the EVERYTHING:

    “What people remembered her for were the pubic hair portraits.” Death, family, feminism, something like art.

    Mensah on changing jobs, Dre’s latest, Meek vs Drake, and La Femme, a wild French band.

    Infectious flash: “Still, maybe you should

  2. Top keywords for this week’s Buttered offerings: ‘Artisanal,’ ’Rich and creamy,’ ‘Hand-churned by our sleek, muscle-bound writers.’

  3. I know, I know. So many incredible things to read, so little time. And the internet rolls by so fast it’s impossible to keep up. Especially when there’s the Drake/Meek Mill beef and ‘great’ white hunters poaching the lion king. So what did you miss at The Butter this week?

    Roxane Gay talks real talk about serial rapist, Bill Cosby: “The faith I once had in Cosby angers and shames me.”

    Ilana Masad’s