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Mmmmmm. A towering stack of Buttered goodness to ease you into the weekend. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll shake your head in wonder as you dig in to the deliciousness. We recommend the EVERYTHING:

“What people remembered her for were the pubic hair portraits.” Death, family, feminism, something like art.

Mensah on changing jobs, Dre’s latest, Meek vs Drake, and La Femme, a wild French band.

Infectious flash: “Still, maybe you should figure out just how to open your mouth to somebody else, so you’re ready when the virus kicks in and you can’t help it.”

Improvisational comedy is hell. “Occasionally I hear them whisper names like ‘Amy Poehler’ as though they’re reciting a prayer”

“When you give birth, you do it with others. When you miscarry, you do it alone.” Eileen Favorite talks about the thing no one talks about.

Kelly Davio deals with the non-question, “You have kids, right?” with grace (the ‘fuck you’ is silent).

Maya Weeks is brilliant about class, writing, ‘care labor,’ and living this life. “The dream of working in public without a man coming and sitting across from you when there is a whole room of empty tables and saying, ‘You don’t mind, do you?’ flourishes.”

Christi Clancy reveals what I always suspected: Youth hostels are hell dimensions. Ok. Not exactly. But close enough.

UNICORN WHALES OF THE ICE WORLD (also known as narwhals).

A woman stalked by a misguided dude asks Bear for advice on how to get the NO across. Bear gives advice to Misguided Dude because he’s the one with the problem.

Naomi Jackson is ON FIRE (insert bonfire emojis) and I fangirl her novel, The Star Side of Bird Hill.


Butter on, you tasty pancakes. Butter on.

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