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I know, I know. So many incredible things to read, so little time. And the internet rolls by so fast it’s impossible to keep up. Especially when there’s the Drake/Meek Mill beef and ‘great’ white hunters poaching the lion king. So what did you miss at The Butter this week?

Roxane Gay talks real talk about serial rapist, Bill Cosby: “The faith I once had in Cosby angers and shames me.”

Ilana Masad’s brutally honest piece about trauma, love, and sex that reads like a hit piece, a gut punch: “What do you like, he said in the dark after the first time and they said everything you do, I like everything you do”

C. Morgan Babst being real about relationships and getting married after you promised each other you wouldn’t: “We signed beside the X. We had the joint bank account, the hers and hers sinks, hers and hers mirrors overlooking a joint view”

Sara Schaff’s dreamy, wistful, perfect-for-summertime read about a bus ride to the beach alone: “But you will always feel tender toward your earlier tenderness.”

Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s featured wonder this week is that bird that’s all eyes and mouth and looks like a cartoon character escaped into the wild. You need to see it. You’ll feel better. Or you’ll never sleep thinking it’s out there watching you.

MariNaomi, whose comics are WAY better than whatever you’re about to watch on TV, is ON FIRE. My dream is to be able to pay MariNaomi to draw my portrait/avatar so I can be a kickass comic character all over the internets.

Sarah Rosenthal writes about the realities of being in love with someone who lives inside a computer and barely with you: “When you love a programmer, you must to learn to love the back of his head. You must love his curls at the nape of his neck as much, if not more, than his eyes.”

Mensah Demary will make you fall in love with Frank Ocean all over again. And again. (warning: you may also fall in love with Mensah). 

Antonia Crane walks you through the finer points of choosing a meth ‘habit’ over an academic career: “Before my mostly meth diet, I’d been devouring Jeanette Winterson and Kathy Acker while attending Mills College. I worshipped Avitol Ronell and absorbed her every word as gospel, but soon I dropped out to tweak.”

Bear’s always about real life advice that is not only on point, but glamorous as fuck: “First, start easy: gin on a warm summer night, vodka in the winter. Underwear that makes you feel cute and doesn’t chafe, regardless of fashion.”

Kelly Davio is always here to show you the city, the world, from a different perspective. This time she’s shaking up the idea that a ‘walking city’ is ‘healthy’ for everyone (hint: Hi able-bodied people, it’s NOT!): “The more walking takes a central role in our community life, the more isolated those of us with limitations become.”

Ana Cristina Alvarez is finding her Cuban roots through food and making me incredibly hungry. “I often wonder if this is why my mother is so picky about Cuban food being “right.” It’s not just the authenticity of the food. It’s the very real message in this food and its preparation: I’m alive; I remember.”

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