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  1. Mallory: Hey, Carvell: would you say that white Americans pretty much constantly misunderstand the concept of black forgiveness? Carvell: It's hard to know what white Americans are thinking, but given what they say, then yes. Like...a lot. A lot. Like this guy who got on the shooter's Facebook page and forgave him publicly. I saw a lot of white people, even friends, sharing that, like: "See! Isn't this beautiful?" Whereas a lot of my black friends were more,…

  2. Hey mom.

    I’m glad you’re not here.

    It was always hard for me to watch things like this with you. You overreacted to everything on the news. I hated that about you. Every storm, every wildfire, every random shooting, every nighttime strangler, you acted as if seeing them on the news would somehow magically make them show up at our apartment door. You issued nonsensical warnings like “Be careful out there. They’re

  3. 1. You are terrified of the word “monkey.”

    2. You are fluent in multiple languages, all of them English.

    3. People like to ask you if you are upset about something.