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  1. “I write to shred the cloak of invisibility thrust upon us.” - The Invisible Latina “A mystery is the only place on this Earth where we really find justice” -  an interview with Wendy Werris at Publishers Weekly Who she is Désirée Zamorano lives in L.A., where she writes award-winning short fiction, plays, and novels. Zamorano brings her passion for engaging elementary and middle school students in enriching language arts expression and experiences to Occidental's…

  2. I don’t know why my mother told me I was born on the day Vanessa Williams resigned her Miss America crown. Except that I do: She foresaw my future beauty and/or power coming at the cost of another woman’s, projected sashes, crowns, and glory, if only because Vanessa Williams lost them. My mother is no fortune-teller, no temple-rubbing psychic, so she’s gotten a few things wrong. I am not a pageant beauty, and

  3. Until last night, I had never heard of 1983's Class, starring Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy. Until last night, I thought the only movie about sleeping with someone's mom was The Graduate, LIKE A CHUMP. The Graduate sucks eggs and Class rules. You should watch Class and never watch The Graduate ever again. Class and The Graduate both attempt to answer the same two central questions, namely Is It Rad To Sleep With A Lady Who Is 40 and Were The 1960s Any Good,…

  4. Doulas are getting paid by people who can afford it. But people who can’t afford it don’t get doulas. We want to make sure that group can get a doula, because their babies are dying, being born too small – and we know that doulas can help. To not support them in getting a doula is unconscionable. Women who are on Medicaid who want a doula should have one. And we should find

  5. Oh, no! You've managed to successfully pull yourself up by your own bootstraps -- but you're pulling yourself up too high! You're leaving everyone behind, and drifting over fenceposts and low-hanging rooftops! You've got to stop pulling yourself up before it's too late!

  6. I was working in a bookstore when The Secret came out. It wasn't an event on par with the seventh coming of Harry Potter, but any time a book gets Oprah Winfrey's thumbs-up a decent clerk must, at a minimum, know where it is on the shelf and roughly what it's about. I didn't even need to meet that low standard—one of my coworkers bought the book and the DVD and raved about both…