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  1. Joss Whedon: Inventer Of Feminism Or Literal Hitler? Joss Whedon invented feminism. Before Joss Whedon, every female character on television was crushed to death under the weight of her male co-stars' heavier paychecks in the second-season finale. Every female character Joss Whedon ever wrote was forcibly impregnated by a demon and brutally murdered, because Joss Whedon hates lesbians. But Warren And The Trio Were – EVERYONE GETS THAT WARREN AND THE TRIO REPRESENTED THE THREAT OF…

  2. I am a simple woman: I love reading people argue about the causes of World War I, and I love reading the comments section on the Telegraph. When the two are combined, I become very happy.

  3. (The Toast does not actually support armchair diagnoses of personality disorders.) I recently found myself reading an infomative article about cat bites in The New York Times. Cat bites, of course, being incredibly dangerous and prone to infection and hideously painful, as your vet and your doctor and the webby part between your thumb and forefinger can tell you. (I have a cat, I am fond of her, she cares nothing for me,…