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  1. Previously: Why I Think I Would Make An Excellent Vestal Virgin And You Should Consider Me For The Position. 1. My understanding of "druids" as a profession and as a religion is pleasantly vague, which is exactly how I like my job descriptions and spiritual practices. 2. I'm into the moon in a big way, which I feel like would be helpful. 3. I have plenty of experience resenting Christianity as an institution. 4.

  2. Do you have any fucking idea what it's like to be a Druid, knowing the sum total of public awareness of your entire fucking civilization is that fucking burnout festival Stonehenge? Like that's the only thing Druids ever do, is drag bluestones out to Salisbury and wait for the sun to rise before killing our parents and binding them in mistletoe. Fuck you. Do you have any idea how much peat I farmed this season?…