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  1. "She was great. Wasn't she great?"

    "She was really great. And Tim loved her, which is key for a position like this."

    "Do you want to light the match this time, or should I?"

    "Oh, I'd love to."

    they burn every trace of her application and existence, dancing naked among the flames

  2. I had never been to Connecticut before. I find the entire East Coast unsettling; everything about it is just a little bit wrong, like the landscape in a nightmare. I had to be periodically reminded of the location of (what seemed to me like) perpetually shifting city-states that continually switched positions on the map as soon as I glanced away ("Boston is north of New York City?"). The ocean was on the wrong side. How could I…

  3. COMPANY: The Nature Conservancy in Chicago JOB: Assistant Dear Hiring Agent of The Nature Conservancy: My name is Matthew Mazer. I’m a 23-year old graduate of the University of Alabama and yesterday I saw four deer in my backyard, and then I saw an owl eat a chipmunk. Now that I have established my credentials as a nature observer, here are some of the reasons why you should hire me to be a Nature Conserver: •   …