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  1. Name: Ernest Hemingway Position: Staff Writer What has been going well? The days are long and the work is shallow and the only piece of mine that went 'viral' this year was '27 Kick-Ass Things You Learn When You Catch A Marlin'. Manager's comments: Though '27 Kick-Ass Things You Learn When You Catch A Marlin' was an unexpected triumph, Ernest isn't working to the standard achieved by other BuzzFeed writers. '18 Things You Only Know…

  2. Ernest Hemingway, affectionately nicknamed "Big Mama" by his fans, was well known among writers of his generation for his yearly Christmas "back rub gift certificates" and gifts of crocheted socks. Every year Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald rented a lakeside condo together in New Hampshire to work on their trust falls. Hemingway invented capri pants and the concept of "Let's just stay in tonight" even after you've already promised to go to a party.

  3. The hills across the valley of the Ebro were long and white. On this side there was no shade and no trees and the station was between two lines of rails in the sun. Close against the side of the station there was the warm shadow of the building and a curtain, made of strings of bamboo beads, hung across the open door into the bar, to keep out flies. The American and the girl,…

  4. 1. Everyone you know respects you. This disgusts you.

    2. The door is white and the day is hot. This pleases you.

    3. A Jewish man believes you are his friend. This disgusts you.

    4. You are a man. A man!

  5. I never know when someone's on drugs or had plastic surgery, or when a poem is supposed to "really" be about sex even though it's clearly about plants. I never get metaphors. Everything always has to be explained to me, like Ax in the Animorphs series.

  6. Brett Brett did you get that picture I sent you I did, yeah the picture of my penis I mean yes Brett guess how much of my penis I still have left you know after my accident after my penis accident I really don’t want to play this game, Jake no come on guess I don't have unlimited texting these messages are kind of expensive for me I’ll give you a hint: