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  1. 1. Getting all the meat off the rotisserie chicken. 2. Figuring out how to make coffee with a new machine. 3. Keyboard shortcuts. 4. Using a responsible amount of paper towel. 5. Positioning the car next to the take-out window so you need not half-emerge on foot to retrieve your coffee. 6. Positioning the car next to the gas pump so you can both exit your vehicle with ease and reach your tank with the nozzle.

  2. Henry Pollard -- You have a great head of hair, which is something -- it isn't nothing, not by a long shot -- but your "charming apathy" is a lot less charming than you think it is. Mostly it just looks like giving up. Things happen to you, and you let them happen; or they don't, and you let that happen too. Casey Klein -- You are not Casey Klein. You are reading a blog…