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  1. Forrest Barnum last wrote for The Toast about Canadian political novels.

    Figure 1: Yowzah

    When I was growing up, I didn’t watch a lot of commercial TV; we were a PBS/Star Trek household. One hazily remembered day, an enchanting show came on where an excessively polite, strikingly handsome man in a splendid red suit solved crimes with his deaf, lip-reading dog, Diefenbaker, an inside joke I would not get until…

  2. Canadian politics, eh? What’s it good for? "Fodder for novels" is one possible answer. There are two in particular that I love to bits because: They are hilariously trashy, badly written, and endlessly amusing; gifts from a friend who feeds my Canada obsession; actually do, in their incompetent way, say some interesting things about two existential Canadian fears: domination by the United States and the internal implosion of Canada. The first novel, Faultline 49,