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  1. This is a big piece of why I’ve been hesitant to jump into beautiful Charleston. This is why I’ve felt the weight of so much sadness as the excitement of making a home in a new town has begun to subside.

  2. Lot 1

    Proposed Project: Shopping mall with central plaza Method: Adaptive Reuse Marked by a history of violence, this arena boasts ample square footage for varied commercial successes. The current structure is a hallmark of urban blight, crumbling and home to transient populations prone to noise and loitering violations (pictured above.) Allowed to go to ruin, current lot in need of renovation to bring investment for cultural amenities. Retaining and reinforcing outer wall, developers could…

  3. This is a love letter to the inner city. This is a love letter to a concept of Chicago that is constantly under attack. This is a love letter to the people in the hood who raised me, sustained me, and supported me. I've been trying to write about Chicago violence for a good two months now. The facts are easy to obtain from any major news source, though the way in which those facts…