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  1. The Toast's archive of trans* related stories can be found here.

    Last week, Grantland published a feature by Caleb Hannan about the “scientifically superior” Oracle GX1 putter and its reclusive inventor, Dr. Essay Anne Vanderbilt.

    During the course of his reporting, Hannan uncovered inconsistencies within Vanderbilt’s official backstory. Some of these were germane to the story, like the fact that the impressive work and education credentials touted by Vanderbilt appeared to

  2. You may or may not already be familiar with Caleb Hannan's article on Grantland this week, in which an investigation about the inventor of a new golf putter turns into the outing of a trans woman (who committed suicide before the article was published). It's a deeply troubling article for many reasons -- not least of which, as Rebecca Schoenkopf pointed out, is that the writer was given eight months to report on a putter.