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  1. Black students will be expected to primarily form friendships with other Black students (and those Latin@s who can’t or choose not to pass as white) through the challenges of Shared Minority Struggles. You might also try sitting at the Korean Table in the dining hall.

  2. 1. It’s so nice to see you! (My Xanax just kicked in.)
    2. My hair is different, thank you for noticing. It was time for a change (...back to the way it grows out of my head).
    3. I’m very seriously considering grad school. (Tisch’s MFA program had an open reception at the MoMA one night, and there was an exhibit I really wanted to not pay to see.)

  3. There are various ways to ask someone to prom. A popular method, when I was at school, was to write on a girl’s car with shoe polish: ‘Prom? There were notes on locker doors, ‘Prom?’ Surprise home attacks — complete with parental involvement—where an upperclassman would leap out from a cupboard/wardrobe/box with balloons and yell, ‘Prom?’ at a terrified perspective date.

  4. Were you a stoner, a jock, a nerd, or a many-talon’d extraterrestrial in high school?

    High school was a crazy time, wasn’t it? Hormones swirling, report cards looming, diseases riddling your planet until only you remain – it was wild for everyone. What group were you part of?

    1. Uh-oh, you forgot about a major test in Econ today! You…

    a. Smoke a joint. Everything’s

  5. Liz Labacz's previous work for The Toast can be found here. “Sr. Mary Joan would like to see you in her office.” I was not a person who got called to the Disciplinarian office. Not to say I had never gotten up to any mischief, but I almost never got caught and had not, to my memory, actually done anything noteworthy recently. When I arrived, she asked me to sit. Sister and I knew…

  6. When I was in seventh grade I got cast as a chorus nun in our middle school production of The Sound of Music. In the cast with me was an eighth grade boy, Wayne, playing Franz, the Von Trapp's butler. He was in a bowtie and I was in a habit, but backstage, out of costume in rehearsals, we were talking about different roles for the future: we were going to go to prom

  7. If the scrambly porn from my adolescence was any indication (remember that? Scrambly, pre-internet porn?) the sexy schoolgirl is a pretty popular trope. Having been a Catholic schoolgirl for 5 years, though, I’ve never really understood the fantasy. That might be because high school was not exactly the most sensual time for me. My 7th grade sex ed teacher was an old Irish woman who reeked of B.O. The Miracle of Life, a 1983

  8. When I was fourteen, I got a job at a Renaissance Faire. It's tempting to say it was the best job I ever had, but really it was just my first and the most aggressively formative. Every Saturday and Sunday morning in August and September, I'd cinch myself into a purple velvet bodice worn over a gauzy, off-the-shoulder dress. Given my closet's limited options, Doc Martens felt like the most appropriate footwear. My mom would…

  9. "Trophy" is never a word people use to describe something that someone loves. Trophies are about possession and pride and objectification. Above all, trophies are seen and not heard. It’s for these reasons, and many others, that so many people chafe when they’re categorized as one. I should know. I’ve been the trophy of many for longer than I’d care to mention. I don’t think that it’s overreaching to say that we live in an…

  10. "I imagine I scared both men and women both with the intensity of my workouts, but more likely with the determined look of self-loathing on my face. But today, a year and a bit later, I can proudly say that I've never been happier with my body or my life. The reason for this? Well, first of all, a shitload of therapy. Everyone should go to therapy! But secondly, and something that absolutely cannot be…