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  1. When I went to college there was no YouTube (the blogger said to her grandchildren).

  2. In the place of a Dark Lord you would have two Queens! Not dark but beautiful and terrible as the Morn! Treacherous as the Seas! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! All shall love us and despair!  Ortberg and Cliffe split ownership equally with the publisher, Nick Pavich, who prefers to remain behind the scenes. “I want to be the only white male in history who’s not offering an opinion about [the HBO…

  3. 1. Disbelief: Wait, what did I write that these people are mocking me for? Did I actually say that? Was I possibly edited in a weird way? Or am I actually an idiot? 2. Bargaining: Was there a way that I could have written that thing I wrote that would have made me immune to ridicule? Why didn’t I think to write it that way? Maybe I can contact my editor and ask to have…