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  1. "Do you also not quite understand what it is that the two of us are doing here?" "Are you going to ask me to submit a work sample that takes up a full two days of my time, then never answer any of my painfully cheery 'just following up' emails?" "I know...I know there's not a job here, now. But will there be one. Do you think. Will there be one. Someday. For me. Will…

  2. If you are of a certain age, the tweets from your awkward and tormented teen years will  almost certainly come back to haunt you in job interviews of the future. Because what’s published on the Internet never dies.

    Disclaimer: All tweets in this post were published by real teenagers in the year 2013. Names have been changed. 

    Interviewer: Thanks again for coming in today, Katie. We really appreciate your time and loved…