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  1. Dramatis Personae John Lennon, a songwriter Yoko Ono, an artist INT. NIGHT - PENTHOUSE SUITE, THE DAKOTA, a very expensive hotel babe babe babe babe babe are you awake babe wake up what what is it babe what if we stayed in bed all day we're in bed right now no but we'll just it'll be like now but in the day why would we do that for peace, yoko ok and we could order…

  2. “Beatle John Lennon married his Japanese mistress, Yoko Ono, in a civil ceremony today in Gibraltar, the Beatles’ office announced.”

    That was how the Associated Press began its article on the wedding between avant-garde artist Yoko Ono and the singer-songwriter John Lennon on this day 45 years ago: March 20, 1969.

    The fact that the phrase “Japanese mistress” was used in a newspaper article is startling, especially considering that in 1969,