John Lennon Writes Imagine -The Toast

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Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 10.04.12 PMDramatis Personae

John Lennon, a songwriter
Yoko Ono, an artist

INT. NIGHT – PENTHOUSE SUITE, THE DAKOTA, a very expensive hotel

babe babe babe
babe are you awake
babe wake up

what is it
babe what if we stayed in bed all day
we’re in bed right now
no but we’ll just
it’ll be like now but in the day

why would we do that
for peace, yoko
and we could order room service for peace
and make pillow forts for peace
did you just wake me up to tell me to stay in bed
stay in bed for peace, yoko
okay well i’m going to start now, okay?
i’m going back to sleep
going back to sleep for peace?
ok good
sleep good
sleep peacefully
just a little joke there
sleep peacefully
okay it’s not very peaceful if you’re still talking to me while i’m trying to sleep
right right right
right right
sorry babe
it’s ok
you go back to sleep
i will
see you tomorrow
for peace


hey babe
what if there wasnt money
or property

babe we own the top floor of the dakota
i mean in theory
i dont mean we should get rid of OUR stuff
i just mean like in general
i dunno
i think itd be wicked


i just want to make a better world for my son
you know
just a world without countries or bridges or tariffs or
or hats, or capitalism or anything
you mean your sons
what do you mean
you have two sons, John
we don’t have two sons, you goose
we have Sean
and you also have Julian
your other son that you have
ohh oh oh
the boy from before
that’s right
he doesn’t live here
no he doesn’t
I wonder what he’s up to
I don’t know


i bet Paul would never think of this
think of what
staying in bed
you don’t think Paul goes to bed?
oh sure i bet
at night
for sleeping
like a conformist
not for peace

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