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  1. "Using the platform of a magazine founded by men in academia who likely hadn’t heard of Autostraddle before now, like The Baffler, to criticize independent women’s media doesn’t indicate a good-faith interest in pushing women’s media to better itself and more suggests a recognition of the fact that feminine internet infighting is good for pageviews."

    If you're going to come after independent, queer-owned media, doing it on The Baffler isn't a great look. Even if

  2. I was going to ask these questions to my brother, who is a scientist and also used to read Animorphs with me when we were kids, but he only answered some of them before going to bed, so I turn to you, the good people of the Toast. 1. I assume you are familiar with Clarke's law of science fiction writing, which states in part that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." With this…