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  1. Leila Sales is here to answer imaginary questions about music. She just wrote a book!

    My adult kickball league requires me to have an ‘At Bat’ song that plays when it’s my turn in the lineup. What will make me sound awesome without overstating my (limited) kickball ability?

    "Yes," by LMFAO, is what I would use as my "at bat" song if I played adult kickball. In fact,

  2. OUR WAITRESS: Thanks for meeting me for a drink, babe. Wow, do I need it after the crazy time I had at the restaurant tonight. OUR WAITRESS’S BOYFRIEND: What happened? WAITRESS: These two American women came in to be seated. Mother and daughter, they looked like. I tried to seat them in the nice part of the restaurant, but a guy was smoking a cigarette at the table next to them, so they flat-out refused.