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  1. In the final pages of Leslie Feinberg’s Stone Butch Blues, Jess Goldberg has a dream: “I felt my whole life coming full circle. Growing up so different, coming out as a butch, passing as a man, and then back to the same question that had shaped my life: woman or man?” This question shaped Feinberg’s life urgently, but what is striking about Feinberg’s life—and work—is how she always reached for greater complexity

  2. Did you know that Stone Butch Blues is out of print? How is that possible, when every dyke in America has at least two copies on her bookshelf? The novel was published by FireBrand Press in 1993. It was picked up by Alyson Books in 2003. In early 2013, Feinberg announced on her Tumblr page that the book would be permanently out of print, but made to order copies would be available by…