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  1. I didn’t realize the hostel was a prosthetic limb factory until I checked in and walked around the property. A firestorm of sparks rained from the building next to mine, while men wielding saws and operating welding equipment walked in and out of the concrete structure. Though this was late 2010, the workers were still constructing parts for the thousands of people who had been maimed by machetes in the 1994 genocide. On my way…

  2. I know things about Lifetime movies.The titles are generally simple yet informative. Kidnapped in Paradise, for example, is about a woman who is kidnapped, in paradise. Prosecuting Casey Anthony, is about the prosecution of Casey Anthony. Murder in the Hamptons is about a murder, in the Hamptons.

  3. The setup: V.C. Andrews’ controversial bestselling book, Flowers in the Attic, is getting a TV movie adaptation at Lifetime. The cable network has greenlighted the film, which will star Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn. Flowers In The Attic weaves the gothic tale of four young siblings, two boys and two girls, who, after the tragic death of their father, are torn from an idyllic life and subjected to cruel emotional and physical abuse resulting from a dark, long-hidden family secret. Abandoned by…