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  1. Adrienne Celt's previous weird animal cartoons can be found here.

  2. As a Person With Child[ren] who is, for some reason, often the only person with child[ren] you know, I am frequently asked "are there sites/forums for moms or soon-to-be moms that aren't total garbage?" "No," I usually say. "They are all garbage." (Sidebar: there are many, many wonderful writers who are moms who write about being moms, and conversations about parenting are valid and deserve space in the public discourse, share your favourites in the…

  3. We begin with the most important point: namely that all teens and llamas involved are safe and sound. With that said, here is what happens when students in America get drunk: THE NYU student who was rescued after being trapped for almost two days in a space between two Lower Manhattan buildings told cops he was drinking at a party and later slipped and fell into the gap, police sources said. Asher Vongtau, 19,…