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  1. You long to go on an adventure, but only so long as the adventure is not in any way uncomfortable or inconvenient.

    Orcs are chasing you, but this does not bother you nearly as much as the inadequate breakfast you had earlier today.

    You once fulfilled an ancient prophecy and overturned gender expectations at the same time.

  2. "Hi, I'm Aragon, son of Gilraen, son of Ivorwen. Would you or your mother like to rest your feet on me?"


    "Hi, I'm Celeborn, but you can call me Ofgaladriel."


    "Hi, I'm Gimli/Gloin/Thorin/Ori/Dori/Nori/Oin/Dwalin/Fundin/Balin/Bifur/Bofur/Bombur/Dain, son of a super-dope female dwarf who was so cool that we're forbidden, as men, to utter or even know her name, ever, which is exactly as it should be."