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  1. Previously: Paintings That Wikimedia Commons Has Inaccurately Labeled As "Seduction In Art." The "Amazons in Greek art" tab on Wikimedia Commons has more than a few inaccurately titled paintings. Here are a few of them. Alfred de Dreux, "Amazon" This is in fact a pretty lady riding a horse while wearing a lovely full skirt. She has no shield, and has not even sliced off her right breast to improve her archery…

  2. The "Seduction in art" tab on Wikimedia Commons is full of inaccurately categorized works of art. Here are a few examples: This is not a woman who is being seduced. This is a woman who is being bothered while she is doing her job. Here is another example of a woman who is not being seduced. She is pushing an old man away from her, while wearing a nice gown.