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  1. I got obsessed with Oz a few a months ago, when I rewatched the entire show as I was unpacking the house. If you don’t know it—I pity you—Oz, produced by Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson, is the fictional depiction of a prison and its inmates. It got decent reviews, but many critics were put off by the violence. “I am starting to think that some of the violence is excessive,” wrote the Baltimore Sun's David…

  2. Welcome to Gabbin' About God, in which Mallory uses her religious background to explain things to Nicole. Mallory, can I ask you a dumb question about Jesus? Because you know a lot about Christian theology, and I was pretty into it for a few years before becoming non-religious, but I was High Anglican, so I'm more tea-cake-Evensong-y? Like, I'm super up on the Bible itself, but this is not really explained in the Bible.