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  1. Adopting the label of “polyamorous” comes with enough raised eyebrows. When I am ordered to give something like an impromptu PowerPoint on “what that means,” the owners of the raised eyebrows are inevitably sorry they asked, as the confusing addition of “solo” requires its own entire presentation.

  2. “You are the butter to my bread, and the breath to my life” ― Julia Child

    First of course, Roxane breaks the terrible news: The Butter is saying good-bye.

    HUGE, teary thanks to all you brilliant Butter writers, so much butter to our bread. It's been a joy to read and publish your work. And to you readers for loving it all as much as we did.

  3. I’m in an open relationship. I’m certainly not the only person in a non-monogamous relationship these days and my open status doesn’t score me nearly as many cool points as it once did nor is it as controversial as it once was. Everything I read about non-monogamy is like “Yay! So much sex! Whooopeeee! Nothing is hard!” Meanwhile, poor little monogamy is written about like “Snooooooooze fest, I’m bored. Divorce says it’s not…

  4. Part One of a two-part series. 1. Winter Solstice So you’re this person in a park. Can that be all, for now? People are always trying to figure out what kind of person you are, like you’re not a real person until they know how long you’ve been alive and where your parents are and your name, no, your real name, and whatever the fuck is between your legs. Why can’t you just be a…

  5. This, the Toastiest piece ever written, is brought to you by our own Tia Baheri on behalf of Abigail, who really doesn't need more Navy in her closet this holiday season. It's 9PM on a Tuesday and I'm in a U-Haul cargo van with my two female-bodied romantic partners riding fifty minutes outside of Boston to look at the king-sized bed Victoria found on Craigslist that will hopefully, as Finn puts it, “withstand the…