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  1. 2018, the Year of the Quiet Home

    Homes will have all kinds of shields to prevent nature from creeping in. No more bugs walking across the floor in the middle of the night, when you should be asleep, preventing you from ever sleeping again.

  2. Sulagna Misra has previously predicted both The Olympics and The Oscars of The Future. This past year, due to graduating with my Master’s degree and moving across the country, my work and living situation was constantly changing, so my taxes were not straightforward (are they ever?) Having severe paranoia about taxes thanks to its use as a trigger word during every political campaign since I was in fifth grade, I’ve done some research…

  3. Sulagna's last predictions for the future involved the Olympics. This year, movies nominated for Oscars include stories about slavery, conmen, excess, nuns, outer space, and Siri. It’s always a pleasant surprise when movies that were nominated for Oscars include such rare things as people who weren’t straight, white, or men, or even all three (unlike most of the Oscar voters.) Alfonso Cuarón may be the first Latin American director to win Best Director this…

  4. This piece came about in a strange-ish way, as they so often do. I had fallen down a Wiki hole of truly epic proportions, having stumbled upon the fifty most interesting Wikipedia articles and fifty more. STOP. I know what you're going to do, and how much time it's going to take. Please just open two tabs and dump those links in and come back, or I'll never see you again. And I…