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  1. The punishment of Prometheus (he was chained to a rock and had his eternally-regenerating liver torn out by an eagle every day) has always been a popular topic for Western artists, and why not; it's full of action poses and furious birds and gave everyone the chance to draw hands. A real win-win! And yet: Over time, folks got a little sloppy, and eventually, more often than not, Prometheus and the eagle looked like boyfriends…

  2. Great Expectations is a book about a boy who is never allowed to finish a meal in peace, and a woman who stays in wedding-dress shape for her entire life. It's pretty good. Here are all of the upsetting meals that are served in it.

    Forgotten Beer

  3. Taylor Hanson was more important and more beautiful than Kurt Cobain and every song that Hanson ever wrote was better than the entire Beatles discography, don't @ me

  4. Here are the 20 Best Pokémon. Original 151, duh. I will brook no arguments.
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