Every Track Listing From 1997’s “Middle Of Nowhere” And The Corresponding Beatles Song It Is Better Than -The Toast

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Taylor Hanson was more important and more beautiful than Kurt Cobain and every song that Hanson ever wrote was better than the entire Beatles discography, don’t @ me

“Thinking of You” – “And I Love Her”
“MMMBop” > the entire White Album probably
“Weird” > “Tax Man”
“Speechless” > “The Fool On The Hill”
“Where’s the Love” > “Don’t Let Me Down”
“Yearbook” > “Eleanor Rigby”
“Look at You” > “Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby”
“Lucy” > “Blackbird”
“I Will Come to You” > “Imagine”
“A Minute Without You” > “In My Life”
“Madeline” > fuck you John Lennon, you weren’t that great, and the Ringo Starr episode of the Simpsons was good but nothing special
“With You in Your Dreams” > “Michelle”
“Man from Milwaukee” > “Come Together”

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